Lattice Patio Covers

Let the sun shine through and get the shade you want!

Lattice Patio Cover

Nothing makes you feel more alive than spending time outside, whether it’s gardening, walking, or soaking up the sun by the pool surrounded by family and friends.

If you’re looking for a way to savor the outdoors more while still enjoying the occasional refreshing breeze, then a lattice patio cover from Perfect Home Las Vegas could be perfect for you! 

How are lattice roof patio covers different from solid roof patio covers?

It’s all in the how they’re constructed! Lattice Roof Covers feature a type of construction created by crossing and fastening beams together. The end result is a patio cover with small squares in between the beams that resemble a grid. 


The spaces between the grid allow air to flow through with ease, which can help reduce smoke from your BBQ or fire pit. Perfect Home Las Vegas can adjust the space between the beams to fit your needs! 

In addition to adding more ventilation to your covered outdoor space, lattice patio covers can be fully customized to reflect your personal style!

Lattice roof patio covers also create an ideal environment for lush vines to thrive as well as protect plants that don’t require full sunlight from the harsh effects of the desert sun. 

Lattice patio covers are the perfect way to add beauty and value to any outdoor space. Call us today to find out all of the possibilities that a lattice patio cover can give you! 


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